An Argument for Impeachment

Today was the closest we've come to impeachment hearings for President George W. Bush. The point of today's hearing to determine if there was an offense worthy of impeachment hearings.

A number of people have suggested that holding impreachment hearing for the President is a waste of time or will distract us from more important matters.  I respectfully disagree.

Today we are in a war with Iraq that was justified with lies.

Today the United States of America openly tortures prisoners.

Today our government's system of checks and balances is in tatters, our economy is rapidly deteriorating and our standing in the world continues on a downward spiral.

All of this can be directly attributed to the actions of the President and his administration.  

To the people suggesting impeachment is a waste or a distraction from more important matters I respond with two questions:

  1. If we do nothing what would stop one of the Presidents successors from following this same path? 

  2. How can we successfully address "more important matters" if our leaders are allowed to follow a undisclosed agenda while ignoring both US and international law?

As citizens of a democratic nation, if we are complicit in letting these actions go unchecked then we are as guilty as those that committed them. Remember, while the government may not always represent us, they are elected an thus act on our behalf.

The speaker of the house posted outtakes from today's hearings on her blog, but the most damning testimony by Vincent Bugliosi was omitted.  I've included clips of his testimony below.  One might suspect that Bugliosi is simply out to sell more copies of his latest book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, but his arguments are so simple, so easy to fact check, and so clearly articulated that I don't see how they can be successfully refuted.

Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Vincent Bugliosi Responds to Other Testimony and Sums Up