Family Stereo


My parents bought this stereo in September of 1970. I remember using it as a teenager to record and splice radio shows into comedy mix tapes. Ahhh the day's before digital editing... When Christine and I moved into our first house we used it for our kitchen stereo and computer amplifier. It generated no noticeable heat. These day's if you try to find a plug in stereo that doesn't generate heat it's next to impossible. You'll be lucky if you can find one with a quiet fan! This stereo was great.

Last month I had my iPod plugged into it, listening to a podcast while cleaning up after dinner.  The smell of something burning floated through the air and slowly the podcast voices started getting softer. After about a minute the stereo stopped working completely.

I took the stereo apart to see if I could replace the burnt out part. When I looked up the part number Google said something like:

"The Internet did not exist while the thing you are looking for was still being sold."

They definitely don't make `em like they used to.