Garden Week 5


We're organic gardners! It was a bit of a surprise, but the previous owners of the pots explained that they were used for organic gardening, so I decided to stick with it.  This basically means we haven't fertilized, because I haven't picked up any organic fertilizer yet.

Even so, the garden is coming along nicely and it's mostly thanks to Alex.  He tends the garden and makes sure to water the plants using rain barrel water that was collected from our gutters.  He also spent a Saturday morning hunting for worms and throwing them in our compost pile.  I haven't researched this much but my understanding is worms eat a lot of compost-able material and poop out really good fertilizer. Alex caught at least 50 of them, so it should speed up the composting process a lot.

While I was out catching a few pictures of Alex and the garden, Allison snuck out. She really wanted to see the plants but the boys were worried she might fall down the deck stairs so they stayed close to make sure she was safe.  That is one lucky girl.