Personal Chef

A few weeks ago Christine and I had a personal Chef come to our house for an evening. His visit was a Christmas present from Christine's brother. The chef showed up at 7:30PM and stayed until about 11:30PM. He cooked a fabulous 4 course meal, waited on us while we spent the evening on our screened in porch, and even cleaned up!

We had a blast!  A little jazz in the background, a nice outdoor breeze, the kids tucked into bed, great food, lots of time to talk. It was the best restaurant we've ever been to by far. At one point even Tom jumped up on my lap for a few minutes which was nice and definitely not something that happens in your average restaurant.

Alex was a little upset that he couldn't stay up and watch the chef cook so we took some pictures and a video for him. I'd never seen anyone set food on fire before. At least not on purpose. It was cool!