We'll Always Have Paris

  1. The Republicans have been aggressively marketing the ridiculous idea that domestic drilling for oil will somehow lower gas prices. I guess technically they are right. It will lower crude oil by ~ $0.41 a barrel by 2030. Assuming we make it to 2030, at $5 a gallon gas, drilling lowers the price to about $4.99 and 9/10 of a cent.  Jackasses.

  2. Last week the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives went home without voting on an energy policy (including oil drilling and solar tax credits) because Speaker Pelosi wants to hold out until next year when she expects to have a larger Democratic majority and doesn't have to compromise on oil.  Meanwhile the largest solar project in the US is about to get canceled because the tax credits that make it feasable will expire without the above mentioned legislation. When asked why she wouldn't allow the vote Pelosi told John Stewart "The Republicans didn't let us vote on minimum wage for 10 years." I'm not paraphrasing. That was it. Way to take the high road Speaker! Jackasses!

  3. Obama has been taking a beating for stating that even though he knows oil drilling is a waste, he's willing to compromise on oil drilling in order to get comprehensive energy policy in place.  For some reason I'm unable to comprehend, his willingness to compromise with these two groups of petulant children is being interpreted as a bad thing.
Wake up call political parties! When Paris Hilton sounds substantially smarter than you, you should consider changing your behavior. The British got their asses handed to them for less offensive behavior.