Barack Obama's "Plan For Change" Message - I like it.

First some history: The past two weeks there have been a lot of attack ads on TV. Some from the McCain Camp have been staggering both in their falseness (read "outright lies") and in their sleaziness. I wrote about one of McCains nastier ads a few days ago.

Meanwhile, we're at war on multiple fronts, Texas is actually under water (think Atlantis), the economy is going in the crapper, and for some reason my tax dollars are still paying for oil subsidies even though oil companies are recording the largest profits ever recorded in the world.

That last one is more of a personal gripe, but otherwise we're talking about near cataclysmic events and McCain is campaigning by making up lies and calling his opponent names. For Bob's sake take about a real issue!

Well, today Barack Obama took out a 2 minute ad where he talks about what he's planning to do and invites people to read the details of his plan on his website. Here's the ad:

I like it! It's a start. It's not yet the level of debate we need, but it is a great first step towards talking about policy.