Healthy Food for Dad

Conner Hands There's this great Cheerios commercial where a father is talking to his 5 year old daughter as he is packing for a business trip. She ends up asking him why heats Cheerios and he explains that they are good for his heart. The next scene he's arrived at a hotel, and reaches into his pocket to discover his daughter has left him a pocket full of Cheerios. It's very touching...

Well the other day, while I was getting ready for work, Conner asked why I eat bananas.  I said they are healthy and I like them and didn't think much of it.  Sure enough Conner decided to sneak a banana into my computer bag which was unusually full that morning.

When I arrived at work and reached into my bag my hands met with a strange sensation and that Cheerios commercial came rushing into my mind.  I could see Conner climbing up on the counter and finding a banana.  I could see him struggling to fit it into my unusually full back pack. And then when he found the banana did not fit in its original shape, I could see him folding the banana it in half and cramming it in next to my laptop.