King Richard's Faire

Last weekend we went to King Richard's Faire. The boys went on all sorts of rides form a giant swinging boat, to a horse on a zip-line where the they could attempt to catch a ring on a sword as they zoomed past. Alex had a lot of fun on a Jacob's latter.

My favorite part of the day was archery. They had real bows and arrows and a range of hay bails about 15 feet away with small heart shaped targets. Most people didn't hit the targets. Conner put an arrow right through the heart! I put him up on my shoulders and the head Archer proclaimed him a Knight to everyone within shouting distance.  That boy has mad skills!

This was also the boys first time at a live joust.  We rooted for the knight in black and green and the boys took it extremely seriously.  In the end our knight came in 2nd, which is to say he got knocked off his horse into a big pile of mud.  Alex and Conner were totally engrossed in the competition.