October Sky

October SkySeven years ago Christine bought me a Star Wars model rocket set for $2 at a yard sale.  Alex found it covered in dust in our basement when we moved a few months ago.  He and Conner have been hounding me to try it ever since.

Today was our big first flight at the School Street soccer field in Acton, MA.

The boys counted down 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - BLAST OFF! Alex hit the launch button and our X-Wing fighter took off like a bat out of hell!

That first launch was going perfectly until the parachute deployed and completely separated from the rocket. Fortunately we use a B-6 rocket which only goes up about 130ft. It took some TLC but once we found all the pieces we managed to put our rocket back together.

Thrilled with our success at achieving flight, if not a landing, we upgraded to a C-6 rocket engine which goes about 500ft.  Conner handled the second launch and this time the parachute worked.

I don't understand why, but almost as much fun as launching, is chasing after the rocket as it descends back to earth. It's like golf, but with explosives which makes it way more fun.

The boys let me push the button for the final launch.  What an amazing thrill!  I honestly don't know who enjoyed it more... The boys, or me?   Either way, we'll be doing that again very soon.

Thanks to @ken for the post title idea