Digg Yahoo Pipe Fixed after Digg API Change

A few days ago Digg changed the way their API returned data. All the data is still there, but it's named differently. This caused my Digg Yahoo Pipe (unfortunately named Digg Dev 7) to stop displaying showing images, the digg count and category info.

All of the cool Digg look and feel mojo was gone! :(

I tried ignoring it, but I really missed the Digg Look and Feel.  So as of a few minutes ago the DiggDev7 pipe is fixed and good as new.

It turns out the API changes weren't that bad. All they did was clean up the attribute names. I'm not one for changing the names of things in APIs just to clean them up, but the new version is a lot easier to work with.  Just in case they go back to the old version I kept a copy of the old DiggDev7 pipe.