Digg Yahoo Pipe Update

I couldn't sleep last night, and was too distracted to do anything productive, (I can't wait till this election is over) so I made some updates to the Digg Yahoo Pipe I built a while back.

Change Log:
  • Added a default image to every post. It provides a big target to click on to get to the posted article
  • Removed the digg mirror sites. They never seem to be up
  • Added a direct link that takes you to the posted article
  • Fixed the comments link
  • Cleaned up some formatting with the submitters avitar
These changes basically make it easier to pull up the linked article from Google Reader even if your using the Better GReader addon for Firefox.

On Yahoo Pipes [very geeky stuff]:
Yahoo pipes is an amazingly powerful tool, but the developer interface drives me crazy... Not a good crazy... When you start using it, the ability to drag and drop elements and combine them with simple mouse clicks makes it seem like a dream tool, but that quickly fades.

Most of their GUI requires very find mouse movements, and there's a nasty bug in the item auto population where it deletes numbers from the item name. If you are going to bother to auto populate values, at least auto populate them correctly. Best of all, when you have a syntax error the debugger simply says "Error Parsing" on a screen that is usually full of output data. It would  be more helpful if they said "Error Parsing, And that is all we have to say about that! Via Con Dios" so that I didn't waste time looking for some hint as to what it thought the error was or where it happened.

As much as I complain about it being a pain to use, it's still by far the best thing out there for feed manipulation.  And since it's totally free I really shouldn't be complaining. It really is an amazingly powerful tool. Thanks Yahoo!