Usability Hack for Gmail Macros Greasemonkey Script

There is a great greasmonky script, Gmail Macros, that adds a bunch of keyboard shortcut coolness to gmail.  The part I like the most is to be able to add a label by typing "L" and then typing the label.

The Usability Problem
Labels are automatically applied as soon as a match is found... Without the user taking any explicit action...

For example:

I have a label called "house".  When I have a house related email I want to label it "house" so I hit "l" and start typing "house". Super Cool!

The label is applied automatically when I type "ho" because "ho" is a unique match for "house" out of all my labels at that point.

But my fingers keep going because I can't keep all the unique match character limits straight in my head. "ho" for "house", "gar" for "garden".

So as my fingers keep typing a bunch of weird stuff happens because all of the remaining characters in "house" those being "use" are treated as keyboard shortcuts.

All of a sudden my label is applied and gmail is doing all sorts of crazy stuff.
u = nothing, but I swear I hear gmail ululating
s = star
e = archive

What I really want is:
  1. For gmail to stay calm. No surprise ululation.
  2. Let my fingers keep going and let me decide that I have the label I want.
  3. Let me hit return and then have the label applied.
The Solution

I tried whining about this, but nothing happened so I finally broke down and made a change to the original script to make it do exactly what I want. My updated Gmail Macro script is available here.

The only change from the original is it requires you hit "return" in order to apply a label. That's it!

Thanks to Mihai Parparita. He did all the hard work writing the original script. All I did was change one line of his code.

Important note, if you use the Gmail Labs feature called "Right Side Labels", neither this script nor it's predecessor will work. I used to use that labs feature, but it was worth giving up for keyboard shortcuts for labels.