Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Live!

Last Thursday night Christine and I went to a live taping of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me at the Wang theater in Boston with my brother and parents.

The show aired on November 8th, and is available via mp3 via their podcast.

It was a lot of fun to watch them tape and we learned answers to some age old questions:

Q: How come they never stutter or mix up their words?
A: They do, but they have a producer that sits there with their script and marks all the lines they mess up. At the end of the show they go back and re-record parts.  It's kind of fun to watch because they just stand around saying all these out of context lines from the show.

Q: How come the audience doesn't shout out answers to people on the phone?
A: They do, the person on the phone can't hear them.

Q: Does Carl Kasell travel from Washington to Chicago every weekend to record the show?
A: Yes