Driving to Canada

This weekend Christine and I headed up to Montreal for Christine's cousin's wedding.  We saw some amazing scenery.

Lots of Space

Pictures don't do this much space justice. Technology has made it so that we're never alone. Email, twitter, instant messages, video chat, and phones that ring in the bathroom... You can be lonely, but never alone.

But driving through all that space made me realize there are still places where you can actually disappear.  Just start walking and almost never run into anyone. There's something very comforting in that notion.

As we got close to Canada the sun started to set...

Vermont Sunset

and we noticed our cars shadow leading us to Canada.

Car Shadow

A few miles after we crossed the border the sun retreated beneath the horizon.  The southern tip of Canada, near Vermont, makes the Midwest U.S.A. look hilly and it was amazing how far we could see.

We pulled over to take this one. If you look closely you can see the moon rising in the center of the picture.

2008-11-29 024

We arrived in Montreal just before six. I don't remember the last time Christine and I had that much time to just sit and talk without being interrupted every five seconds.  It was a really fun trip.