I am an Indian

I've been on a news reprieve since just before Thanksgiving.  It was a nice break, and I was hoping to come back to some light news about Obama's transition plan, or perhaps some news about how the economy was rebounding.

No such luck... It turns out a bunch of idiots trampled a guy in a walmart to get a deal on cheap TVs.  And as horrible as that is, I am completely stunned by the attacks in Mumbai.  My heart goes out to the people there.

On September 12th, 2001 people from around the world stood up and said "We are all Americans." A simple statement that was a show of support stronger than any I've ever heard. Today,  I'm adding my voice to a chours of others saying "We are all Indians."

This symbol of support comes with an immense responsibility.  My country has shown how it can be misused and eventually squandered through the pursuit of ill conceived wars and bullying of other countries.  I hope the government of India will learn from our mistakes, and rather than lashing out aimlessly, find some way to use people's willingess to come together to make something good rise out of this tragedy.

In the mean time, I'm thousands of miles away and only reading about this in the news. With that level of detachment it seems that John Oliver is doing the best job of summing up my feelings.