Ice Storm of 2008

Winter started off with the biggest ice storm I've seen in Mass. The night it started you could hear the tree branches snapping and crashing to the ground like individual gunshots going off all around the house. I rushed home to clear out our typically cluttered garage as branches fell all around our house.

It was a race against time as my Civic sat in my driveway haunted by the sounds of falling branches. Just as I finished the garage and ran to get the keys to pull my Civic in I heard a SNAP! that sounded like it was right over my head. A second later the car alarm was going off and there was a 15 foot branch where moments before there had been none. Fortunately there was no damage as the branch just grazed the car....

The power went out around midnight. The boys woke up with croup at 1am. So we started a fire and made S'mores. It was a lot of fun...

The next morning the power was still out and the neighborhood had turned into a beautiful ice city. Functionally it was a mess. The ice coated all of the trees and power was out over most of central MA and NH. And most importantly the tree holding our bird feeder was drooping.

With and Without Ice
The bird feeder before and after the ice storm

We decided to get out of the house for a bit only to discover all but one of the entrances to our neighborhood were blocked by downed trees and power lines. We headed up to NH and grabbed some Bob's Pizza. Bob's was also blacked out, but they have gas stoves. Best pizza ever...

Here's a slideshow of the pictures we took on the way.

We got power back at 6pm that night. We were lucky, a few people we know didn't have power for 11 days! The people that worked to get our power back are amazing. That is hard work they do.