Basement Door

After living in our house for about 6 months I've come to the conclusion that my house was designed by a very creative person who fancied himself an architect and was missing at least part of a chromosome.

Don't get me wrong I love this house, it's just the right size, has a great floor plan and an awesome screened in back deck. Most importantly the public school system here rocks. But there are little things...

For example, a few rooms have light switches inside the room on the hinge side of the door. So to turn on the light you walk into the dark room, make your way around the door, fumble for the light switch, and try not to step on a cat. We're not talking major inconvenience, but every time I step on the cat, this little voice in my head screams "WHY DID THEY PUT THE SWITCH THERE?!?"

We also have a door that connects our garage to our basement. This is a wonderful feature in the winter, but again, mister can-I-buy-a-chromosome did a very strange thing when he installed the door. He made it open into the garage.

The garage door from inside the house

And if that picture doesn't explain the problem, imagine getting three kids out of the car and into the house when the door requires you all to walk past it and then open it.

The garage door from inside the garage

I decided to do something about it, because Christine told me to.

My dad decided to come over because he feared I might approach the project by trying to move my garage to the other side of my house.

Conner decided to assist, because it was clear to him that neither my father, nor I, had the slightest idea what we were doing, and if someone didn't measure this door thoroughly there was no telling what might happen.

Conner Helps with the door
Conner Helps with the door

Per my father's advice we went with a complete removal of the door and its frame, instead of trying to re-mount the door's hinges. I would have gone the hinge remounting route, and that would have sucked because I would have missed out on all the fun...

If you've never used a saber saw to cut a door out of your house you should. It's very cathartic.

Once the door was free we screwed a small piece of wood into the corner of the door and door fame (to keep it square) and then pulled the door out and flipped it around. Q.E.D.

And now the door opens into the house! There's plenty of room to maneuver when getting in and out of the car. Best of all the light switches are right there when you walk in!

A Door That Opens
A Door That Opens For Real

I've been sitting on this post for 2 months waiting until I could paint the door molding, but it just keeps getting colder. The finishing touches are just going to have to wait until spring. In the mean time here's the before and after view.

Garage Door Before and After
Garage Door Before and After