A Day in Montreal's Olympic City

After our trip up to Canada we found ourselves with a bunch of free time.  Christine's cousin's wedding was at night so we had a bit of time to take in some local flavor.  Fortunately the hotel had free WIFI and a quick Google search what to do in montreal pointed us to the site of the Montreal Olympics.

The Biodome and Olympic Tower

The Biodome over Christine's ShoulderWe visited the Biodome, which was the site of the indoor games, but has since been converted into 4 enclosed ecosystems.

In just under an hour we walked through Jungle, Forest, Arctic and Ocean Beach Eco Systems. We figured the kids would get a kick out of seeing what duck feet look like under water so we caught it on video.

French Exit FailAbove water we ran into a French Exit Fail.  There's no explanation from this. It's really a giant rock with a sign on it that says "Exit" in french.

Christine and a PorcupineWe even found out what a Porcupine looks like when sleeping in a tree over a beautiful woman.

Christine in front of the Olympic TowerAfter the Biodome we checked out the Olympic Tower.

This thing is huge. That curved track going up to the top is an elevator shaft. There's a glass elevator that goes up to the top.

Christine is smiling because I begrudgingly agreed to get into the elevator and ride up to the top.

2008-11-30 047It was a long way up...

I took this with one hand while holding on to the elevator with a steel grip.

There are a bunch more pictures of the view from the tower.

After the ride back down it was time to head out to the wedding.

The news was going on about a big storm on its way the next day.  More on that in a future post...