Children Will Listen

This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table marveling over Conner's ability to assemble a puzzle with the color side facing down. Alex came in and distracted me.

He had found a Statue of Liberty silver dollar in my dresser. He asked about the Statue and I explained that it was a gift from France and when people come to America they see it as a symbol of the freedom and opportunity we have here.

I mentioned that our new president was going to open the statue so that people could climb up to the top and look out the crown again. Alex asked "Why can't people go up there now"?

And that's when I went on a rant about our previous president and how he'd taken the rather strange step of shutting off access to our giant symbol of freedom.  I'm pretty sure I said something about fear mongering.

All this time Conner was sitting at the table putting together a puzzle, and it didn't even occur to me that he was listening.

Later that afternoon, on a drive to my parents house, Conner was chatting with Allison in the back of the car. Christine and I were blissfully enjoying the fact that his constant stream of question and comments had, if briefly, found another target.  And then, after a short silence, we heard him say this:

Allison. Errack Obama's our present [Conner's way of saying president].  Our old present was a mean man.  I think he's in jail now.  Errack Obama's a nice present.

So it appears Sondheim was right... Children will listen... And learn...