Guest Post: Baby Swing Batteries/Plug Switch Modification

In 2007 I wrote about how to convert a baby swing from battery powered to wall plug powered. It's one of my favorite posts because it gets a few comments and seems to be helpful to other people.

One of the latest comments was from Todd Matyi.  He was inspired by the post and decided to improve on the original design by making the swing able to have batteries installed while using a plug.  It's a pretty slick solution!

Todd was kind enough to send me the details of his swing modification with permission to post it here.  The following text and pictures are courtesy of Todd Matyi.

swing2My modification included a 2-way switch that allowed me to choose whether I wanted to use battery power or AC power.  This allowed me to plug in the AC power without having to remember to remove the batteries beforehand.

Below is my shopping list from Radio Shack and basic instructions for the modification.  I also included some pictures of the final product.
Please feel free to include my email address tmatyi (at) matyi (dot) com in case people have questions.
-Radio Shack Shopping List-
  • 6v 800mA AC Power Adapter $22.99 (Radio Shack lets you choose power tip for free.  I selected a size M to go with my power jack)
  • DC Power Jack - Size M $2.99 (PN 2741563)
  • 2 way toggle switch $2.99 (PN 2750636) Receipt Description DPDT 6A F.LVR SW
  • #22 Solid Core Electrical wire $6.99 (PN 2781221) Package included 3 (Red, Black, Green) rolls of wire.
Basic Instructions
  1. Remove screws and open cover. 
  2. Figure out where you want your switch and DC Power Jack.  Use your new wire and cut off enough Black and Red wire to make it to the top of your battery pack. I used 2 sets (Red & Black) approx 9 inches and 1 set (Red & Black) approx 5 inches. Allow enough for mistakes!!
  3. I used a 15 watt soldering gun and soldered 3 sets of wires to the toggle switch. 9" set to middle and side of switch.  Short wires 5" to the other side of switch.  Then I soldered the other side of the short 5" wires to my DC power jack.
  4. Marked and Drilled holes into the plastic large enough to mount my switch and DC power jack.  Measure twice cut once!!!  You only get one shot at this so make sure everything will fit where you want it!!
  5. Clipped the wires that went from the battery pack to the swing electronics.  I personally clipped both wires just above the battery pack.
  6. Splice the wires from the swing electronics to the middle wires on the switch.  Then splice battery pack wires to the remaining set of toggle switch wires.  I used butt end connectors and crimped the wires together.
When completed, visually make sure everything is hooked up properly.  Switch one way goes to battery pack, switch the opposite way goes to the DC Power Jack.
I mounted the switch so that is visually represents this as well.


In the pictures you can see I mounted the switch between the two options making it visually easier to choose power source.  Test before you mount the top!!
Good luck!!!!!

tmatyi (at) matyi (dot) com