Lawn Care

I don't like yard work and I've backed that up with an almost epic level of inaction.  In my last 5 years as a home owner I've display a set of lawn care avoidance techniques that at best can be categorized as lazy, and at worst criminally negligent.

So it came as a bit of a shock when my father sent my brother and me an email, saying he was thinking of getting rid of his lawn service, and (this is the shocking part) asking if I had a lawn care schedule he could use.

I've put a lot of effort into this schedule over the years, so I figured I'd share my response.

from    Paul
to      Dad and John
subject Re: lawn care

>> Do either of you have a long care schedule that you plan
>> to use that you can share with me?


April - Ignore the lawn.

- Ignore the lawn.

- Lawns starting to get a little long... It can wait
           one more month.

-  Christine's asked me to mow the lawn a few times.
            I swear I'll get to it this weekend

- OK. Conner went missing for an hour yesterday.
               Turns out he was in a rather dense part of the lawn.
               Christine's getting kinda cranky about the lawn and
               threatening to hire someone.  I'll definitely get to it
               this weekend.

August 26
-  Had to mow the lawn for Alex's birthday party. 
                     Rented a special mower, cause it was too high for my
                     eletric one, but at least it's done. Let's hope for
                     an early winter.

- Mow? Are you kidding!?! I just mowed in August!

- Leaves are falling. Can't see the lawn any more. Much better.

Hope this helps.