Starting the Garden by Alex

Alex and I started this years garden today. The following is his account of what we did.
"We planted tomatoes and lettuce and cucumbers and peppers. Then all we had to do was bring them inside. We watered them before. We brought them up a set of stairs and then thought of putting more tomato seeds in. We put labels on the container. We took pictures of them. The end."

The Planting Picture

Baby Fox Cubs!

The foxes in our backyard had two cubs! We saw them for the first time this morning. They are wicked cute and we expect them to stick around through the summer.

This is the view out Allison's bedroom window. Turn up the sound to hear what it sounded like when our kids first saw the fox cubs. Actually, this is pretty much what it sounds like all the time.

Fox Cubs The Movie

Update April 13th 2009: We've now seen 4 cubs and both a mom and dad fox taking care of them. Yesterday I saw one of the parents bring a small mouse home for dinner. The cubs seemed very excited.

Tonight we were watching them play and I noticed one of the parents (the Mom I think) is not putting its left rear leg down.  She was spooked by our neighbor playing in his yard and ran off.  Hopefully she'll be ok. 

Mater's Remains

Through a rather strange set of events I found myself alone near the Quinapoxet Basin this afternoon.  With three kids, the word "alone" has an almost mystical sound. But I digress...

It was a beautiful day and I managed to get deep enough into the woods that I couldn't see any other people or houses.  That's when I came across the Mater's remains. 




This was near the back of the vehicle.




I wonder what his story is.

Digg Yahoo Pipe Fixed... Again

A few weeks ago my Digg Yahoo pipe broke.  It's now fixed.  The user (you know who you are) can once again enjoy all-that-is-popular on Digg from the comfort of his Google Reader.

Technical Note:  Once again the breakage was the result of some changes Digg made.   This time they changed their RSS feed so that it doesn't contain a bunch of important information like the direct link to the article.  They also appear to have blocked yahoo pipes access to their APIs.

Yahoo Pipes: Strange thing about Yahoo Pipes... It hasn't changed a lick since the day it was released.  It had so much promise.  With a little effort they could have a thriving developer community and could be making a fortune off adertising and value add services.  But they just neglect it.  It boggles the mind.

Things I'm doing for Energy Wasting Day 2009

Energy Wasting Day 2008

Here's how I'm contributing to Energy Wasting Day 2009:

  1. Stayed up till midnight so I could start my cars right at 12:01 am. I'm letting them idle in my front yard all night.
  2. Disabled the screen saver on my computers and am leaving them on all night.
  3. Wrote this perl script to make sure the CPU runs as hot as possible while(1){print "not hot enough";}
  4. Put a humidifier and de-humidifier in the kitchen. Letting them duke it out.
  5. Replaced all the CFL's with incandescent bulbs.
  6. Replaced my circuit breakers with metal strips and dropped the hair dryer in the tub.
  7. Turned the heat up to 86 degress F. Opened the windows to cool the place off.
  8. Jammed a screw driver in the cloths dryer timer so it would run indefinitely. Going on 4 hours now!
  9. Having an endurance contest between my lawn mower and snow blower. So far they've been running for a little over 2 hours without a gas refill.
  10. Recipe of The Day: Refrigerated bottled water shipped from Figi + boiling bottled water from the Antarctic Ice shelf = a tasty glass of perfectly room temperature water.
Remember to do your part this year! Leave a comment if you have any great ideas for ways to waste energy!

Happy Birthday Samuel John!

Samuel John Russell was born on March 16th at 4:37pm making me an uncle (again) and promoting his parents to the title of real-parent1.

This is a picture of Sam being held by his older sister Emily, being held by her now much older father.

Alex, Conner and Allison were beside themselves with excitement. They colored feverishly in preparation for Sam's arrival and presented him with their works of art the day after he was born. Sam is playing the strong silent type, but we assume he appreciated the gesture if not the actual art.

John and Sara have tons of pictures of Sam's first days on their blog.

1 Bill Cosby says that people with one kid are not real parents, because they always know "who did it."