Digg Yahoo Pipe Fixed... Again

A few weeks ago my Digg Yahoo pipe broke.  It's now fixed.  The user (you know who you are) can once again enjoy all-that-is-popular on Digg from the comfort of his Google Reader.

Technical Note:  Once again the breakage was the result of some changes Digg made.   This time they changed their RSS feed so that it doesn't contain a bunch of important information like the direct link to the article.  They also appear to have blocked yahoo pipes access to their APIs.

Yahoo Pipes: Strange thing about Yahoo Pipes... It hasn't changed a lick since the day it was released.  It had so much promise.  With a little effort they could have a thriving developer community and could be making a fortune off adertising and value add services.  But they just neglect it.  It boggles the mind.