Fox Family Update and Video

Over the past few weeks we've watched the Fox family grow up in what we thought was our back yard.   In a brief conversation with Mr. Fox, I discovered that he considers it his front yard.

The Foxes are a lot of fun.  They stay out of site when we play in the yard, and come out as soon as we head inside.  We often stand at Allison's bedroom window and watch them playing at dusk.  They usually do stuff like this:

The Foxes Spring 2009 Video

Since Christine discovered them a few weeks ago we've learned some interesting things:
  • The father and mother both take care of the cubs and appear to take turns hunting and cub-sitting.
  • There are 6 baby cubs in this family, though we only saw them all together once. 
  • They have 3 dens in our backyard.
  • Mr Fox's back leg was injured but seems to be getting better. Over the last three weeks he went from not being able to put any weight on it to using it lightly when walking.
As the cubs have gown they've strayed further away from the den and started spending more time deep in the woods behind our house.  With the leaves filling in and the cubs coming into there natural talent for stealth we're lucky if we catch a glimpse of one of them every few days.  Still, it's nice when they visit.