Go Fish - Tom Style

Go Fish A few nights ago Alex and I were playing Alphabet Go Fish. It's basically Go Fish but played with a deck of cards marked with the letters of the alphabet.

A typical round sounds like this:

Alex: Do you have any 'A's?
Me: Nope. Go Fish... [Alex takes a card from the deck on the floor]
Me: Do you have any 'A's
Alex: Dooohh! Here... [Alex hands me his 'A' card]

The strange thing is he still wins a lot. Must be good karma...

On this night Tom decided to join in our game. He took up position on top of the deck and when we tried to take a card from the deck he would slap at it with his paw. Trying to sneak cards past Tom quickly became our favorite part of the game.

At one point Alex decided to "Go fish" without asking me if I had the card he needed. Ever the stickler for alphabet game rules I corrected him, "Wait a minute! You have to ask first!"

He carefully slid the card back under Tom's paw, looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye and complained, "But Dad, I don't know how to talk to cats."