Canadian Wedding and Coming Home

Note (June 2009): I just discovered this entry completed and yet un-posted. This is one of my many activities that was neglected as I focused on finishing my thesis.

The post is horribly out of date, but seems silly to throw it away as it is the third in a three part series on our trip to Canada. The first two parts Driving to Canada and
A Day in Montreal's Olympic City were posted in January 2009.

Paul and ChristineThe wedding was at night. It was a really cool Jewish wedding. They had a guy singing throughout the ceremony and he was spectacular. Right after the ceremony we headed off to the party.

This is what Christine and I look like after 24 hours without the kids.

This vacation was perfect. 2 days. We were away long enough to relax, but not too long that we missed the kids so much we wanted to be home more than on vacation.

Christine's cousin is an amazing artist. She and her husband made this awesome cake topper. A pretty good likeness of them.

The Cake Topper

We had a great time at the wedding but the next day it was time to head home, and as with all of our travels since Alex was born fate tried to get in the way of us getting back to the kids. A big snow storm was heading into Canada the next morning so we hauled butt out of there as fast as we could.

And for the first time, we made it. We beat the storm! The weather on the way home was great (see the end of the set).

On the way home we saw the strangest thing... Two whales. I'm not sure how they got there, but I guess they're not going anywhere.

Whales on Land Closer