I Endorse the 72 Hour Rule

Great news! Readthebill.org and the Sunlight Foundation are making progress in getting Congress to read what they vote on before they vote on it! If that sounds crazy it's because it is. Our congress frequently votes on non emergency legislation without providing time for the public or themselves to read it. Find that hard to believe?

Remember the stimulus bill we passed in February? You know, the largest stimulus bill ever passed in history? Love it or hate it, you have to admit there is something very wrong with asking people to vote on an 1,100 page bill to spend 3/4 of a trillion dollars and giving them only 11 hours to read it before they vote.

Think about it... 1,100 pages in 11 hours, and then vote yes or no. That's like trying to read Moby Dick 2.5 times, in a single workday and then being expected to have the energy to effectively debate Ahab's state of mind!  It's impossible to read that fast, let alone comprehend... 

Congress is getting ready to vote on House Resolution 554 (full text) which would require Congress to post legislation 72 hours before they debate it. That gives you, me, the sunlight foundation and our congressmen and women a reasonable amount of time to read it before voting!

I just signed the petition.  It's worth a minute to check out the readthebill.org website and if you're interested, sign the petition.

Read The Bill from Sunlight Foundation on Vimeo.