Michigan Moondance

A few months back John and I went to visit Reza in Michigan. While we were there we at a lot of meat. So much so that the receipt from our weekend grocery shopping read like this:
Jack's Fruit Market

Meat... 7.87
Meat... 9.52
Meat... 6.75
Meat... 13.55
Seasoning... 2.59

Total... 40.82
To distract ourselves from the pain of the resulting meat sweats we played music. Reza has a nice studio in his basement. He recorded some of the sessions on a single mic hooked up to his Mac.

This recording of Moondance is one of my favorites from the weekend. It has John on rhythm guitar and vocals, Reza on lead guitar with the standard/required awesome solo, and me playing bass. It sounds best with a set of headphones.

Moondance as played by John, Reza, and Paul - January 2009

John & Reza @ the Moondance Recordings
John and Reza in the studio discussing chord changes