Six Years Ago Today...

Alex was born and I held his hand.


Since then Alex has taken up many hobbies.

2006-01-27 125
Early Post Modern Impressionistic Painter

Alex Plays the Trombine
Trombone Player

Alex Chopping Firewood

Animal Wellness Coordinator

Professional Cupcake Eating Champion 2006 and 2007

Soccer Lineup
Soccer Hooligan

Alex Conner and our July Garden

Semi Professional Candle Pin Bowler


Alex Hug
Official Hug Giver

Lately he's started reading, building Lego kits on his own, and running off with his brother and sister to build forts and play games.  He can play video games on his own and can even beat me at Wii Tennis. In a few days he starts first grade. Every time I look at him I swear he's getting bigger.

Every day he's exploring, testing limits, and learning. It's amazing to watch. But the thing that impresses me most is his ability to be kind. For example, last weekend we were at an amusement park. The boys played a carnival racing game against 8 other kids.  Alex won.  He was really excited and got to pick out a prize, a purple stuffed shark. Alex was ecstatic.

Conner, on the other hand, crying in part because he didn't get to pick a prize. Not normal behavior for Conner, but it was well past his nap time. Alex had the prize, about which he was clearly excited, for less than 10 seconds when he handed it to Conner and asked him to hold it. There was no mistaking that Alex was looking out for his little brother and Conner was thrilled.

I'm proud of Alex for a lot of reasons, but the thing I'm most proud of is that he has a good heart.


Oops - Health Care Reform, Liers and and How to Find a Fact - Oops

Last night I was editing some initial thoughts on this Health Care Reform blog post and I accidentally published it to my blog. It was no where near ready to be posted.

Thanks for all the comments about the rambling text, lack of functioning links, and enjoyment of my cheese grater idea.

I've removed the draft text off my blog and and will re-post it once I've had a chance to finish my thoughts and clean it up.

Kayaks and Beer

Kayaks & Beer

Over the 4th of July weekend, Christine and I took kayaks out on the edge of Lake Ontario. The beer was kindly provided by Christine's brother.

Weekend With The Kids

Last weekend Christine went off on a girls weekend vacation. As I was putting the kids to bed Friday night I promised them we'd go to Davis' Farmland in the morning. They were dressed and standing at my bedside at 6:15am. I should have known better.

My mom joined us for the trip to Davis' where Alex kicked off the day with some construction.


Conner and I got our faces painted


and then we headed over to the water park


where Allison found endless amusement in this fountain.


We had dinner at my parents house and that closed out an exhausting day. Sunday we did a bunch of reading and a few house projects. The boys even painted the bird houses they made for me for fathers day.



I can't explain Allison's curly hair in this picture. She's had straight hair her entire life. This never happens when Christine takes care of here. I think this must be a girl thing. Maybe I was supposed to brush her hair or something?


We had a fun weekend, but by Sunday night I overheard the kids planning to steal the van and go find Mommy. It's a good thing Christine doesn't take these vacations more often.

Read The Bill or Face the Wrath of an Angry Mob

Last month I wrote about my support for the 72 hour rule (H Res. 554), which would require the U.S. House of Representatives to post online all non-emergency legislation 72 hours before debate begins. It seems like we're making some progress, but it's still not required that our representatives read a bill before they vote.

You can show your support for H Res. 554, by signing the petition.

Or if you're into the riot scene, you can do what they did when Arlen Specter told a crowd they had to "make judgments very fast" and couldn't read the bill.

Crowd Explodes When Arlen Specter Says We Have to Make Fast Judgements

It helps to watch from the beginning, but my favorite part is at 1:50 when the crowd gets really angry. If they had only thought to bring rotting fruit.

Give Peas a Chance

Someone gave this to Alex when he was 2 or 3. It's one of my favorite shirts.

Give Peas A Chance

Last weekend I discovered he'd grown out of it by a lot. I can't believe this picture is 3 years old.

Welcome to Urf

Alex has been working on reading and has started dabbling in writing. He's also missing two bottom front teeth which leads to some comical situations sounding out words.

Sunday morning I was reading an article in the paper about health care around the global. Alex was looking over my shoulder and then took off. A few seconds later he insisted I come see what he had written on our chalk board.

As I walked across the room I reflexively spoke what I saw. "Urf." 

He grinned with pride.

"You wrote Urf." I said, hoping for a punchline.

"Yup," he said "Just like the picture in your paper! The planet Urf!"

Welcome to Urf

We worked out the spelling of "Earth" and then Allison decorated the rest of the chalkboard.