Read The Bill or Face the Wrath of an Angry Mob

Last month I wrote about my support for the 72 hour rule (H Res. 554), which would require the U.S. House of Representatives to post online all non-emergency legislation 72 hours before debate begins. It seems like we're making some progress, but it's still not required that our representatives read a bill before they vote.

You can show your support for H Res. 554, by signing the petition.

Or if you're into the riot scene, you can do what they did when Arlen Specter told a crowd they had to "make judgments very fast" and couldn't read the bill.

Crowd Explodes When Arlen Specter Says We Have to Make Fast Judgements

It helps to watch from the beginning, but my favorite part is at 1:50 when the crowd gets really angry. If they had only thought to bring rotting fruit.