Six Years Ago Today...

Alex was born and I held his hand.


Since then Alex has taken up many hobbies.

2006-01-27 125
Early Post Modern Impressionistic Painter

Alex Plays the Trombine
Trombone Player

Alex Chopping Firewood

Animal Wellness Coordinator

Professional Cupcake Eating Champion 2006 and 2007

Soccer Lineup
Soccer Hooligan

Alex Conner and our July Garden

Semi Professional Candle Pin Bowler


Alex Hug
Official Hug Giver

Lately he's started reading, building Lego kits on his own, and running off with his brother and sister to build forts and play games.  He can play video games on his own and can even beat me at Wii Tennis. In a few days he starts first grade. Every time I look at him I swear he's getting bigger.

Every day he's exploring, testing limits, and learning. It's amazing to watch. But the thing that impresses me most is his ability to be kind. For example, last weekend we were at an amusement park. The boys played a carnival racing game against 8 other kids.  Alex won.  He was really excited and got to pick out a prize, a purple stuffed shark. Alex was ecstatic.

Conner, on the other hand, crying in part because he didn't get to pick a prize. Not normal behavior for Conner, but it was well past his nap time. Alex had the prize, about which he was clearly excited, for less than 10 seconds when he handed it to Conner and asked him to hold it. There was no mistaking that Alex was looking out for his little brother and Conner was thrilled.

I'm proud of Alex for a lot of reasons, but the thing I'm most proud of is that he has a good heart.