Weekend With The Kids

Last weekend Christine went off on a girls weekend vacation. As I was putting the kids to bed Friday night I promised them we'd go to Davis' Farmland in the morning. They were dressed and standing at my bedside at 6:15am. I should have known better.

My mom joined us for the trip to Davis' where Alex kicked off the day with some construction.


Conner and I got our faces painted


and then we headed over to the water park


where Allison found endless amusement in this fountain.


We had dinner at my parents house and that closed out an exhausting day. Sunday we did a bunch of reading and a few house projects. The boys even painted the bird houses they made for me for fathers day.



I can't explain Allison's curly hair in this picture. She's had straight hair her entire life. This never happens when Christine takes care of here. I think this must be a girl thing. Maybe I was supposed to brush her hair or something?


We had a fun weekend, but by Sunday night I overheard the kids planning to steal the van and go find Mommy. It's a good thing Christine doesn't take these vacations more often.