Bathroom Remodel

We recently finished remodeling our downstairs bath.  Prior to the renovation it was one of the most heinous looking rooms we have ever had in a house.

It started on a Sunday morning when I joked with Alex that the wallpaper had to go. He didn't get the joke, and I didn't have it in me to stop him once he started ripping wallpaper off the walls.





Conner doing some plumbing

Next, we ripped out the single cracked sink and cabinet.


Shark Bite connectors are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Just make sure you put them on correctly or you get a great water show in an unfortunate location.


And magically the room was done.  Well, not exactly magically. There's a lot to see in the finished room.
  • Check out the window frame! My dad hand crafted a Craftsman style window frame to match the work he did in the dining room
  • I painted the bathroom in the late hours of the night while listening to back issues of the Bugle and episode 52 (The Christmas Episode) of the Acapodcast.
  • The cabinet and sinks were  donated by my parents gave us after they renovated their bathroom. My dad and I installed them with Conner's help.
Eventually I'll get around to replacing the floor, but for now everyone seems very happy with the new bathroom.