Flickr Embed HTML on the Photo Page

This post is about a Greasemonkey script I just finished. If you're not either a flickr user or a geek you may want to skip this post.

One of my frustrations with blogging is getting images into my posts. All my pictures are on flickr, and while flickr gives you the HTML code to embed images it takes several clicks and some HTML editing to center the pic and remove the border.

As things to complain about go, it's almost not worth mentioning, but lately I've been posting lots of pictures and all the clicking, Flickr page reloads, and HTML editing was bugging me. So I decided to do something about it.

I wrote a Greasemonkey script called Flickr Embed HTML on the Photo Page that puts the image embed code right on the flickr photo page just above the tags. It makes the flickr photo page look like this:

Flicker Embed HTML on the Photo Page GreaseMonkey Script

Now when I want to add a picture to a post, I just copy that text right off the flickr photo page and drop and paste it in my blog. Two steps instead of seven!

To use this script you need to:
  1. Install the Firefox Greasemonkey add-on 
  2. Install my script by clicking on the nice green "Install" button on the scripts web page.

This was the first time I'd written a line of code since I finished my thesis.  It was very cathartic to fix something with code,  even if it was only the elimination of 5 clicks.