Libby's Wedding

This weekend Christine and I went to Libby's wedding. It was the spectacular event that anyone that has ever known Libby expected.

Libby's wedding had a great ceremony with covert video taping done at the brides request. It had amazing reception with a giant chocolate fountain that was bested only by the live band. And it had an after party that refused to end until well into the next day... As any self respecting party should.

Throughout all the celebrating we had the chance to catch up with some of our old high school friends and it was a blast! Someone had the brilliant idea to take a picture, and just like everything else at Libby's wedding it turned out perfect.

High School Friends at Libby's Wedding

From left to right: Jessica Peterson Lombardi, Victor J. Medina, Paul Russell, Paul Russell, Christine Russell, Elizabeth Rackliffe Gustafson, Karla Jamaitis Hudalla, Amy Lafond, Brett Gustafson, Brett Gustafson, Laura Costantini McNaughton

Photo Credit: John Hudalla. This photo was originally posted here on Facebook.