U7 Soccer

This is my third year coaching Alex's soccer team and I'm really starting to enjoy it.  The goal in coaching first grade boys (U7 in soccer lingo) is to teach a little bit about soccer skills and mostly to make sure they all have fun.  This is a good thing because I'm still struggling to understand what you have to do to get a first down in this sport.

Even so, I'm still having a blast. My father took some amazing pictures at our last game.

I love this picture because taken out of context it could mean really different things. It's either:

a) Our goal is over there. Kick the ball that way.
b) Go over there and bring me back that kids head.

The Goal is Overe There

Alex is also really enjoying soccer. He's learning quickly and is elated every time he scores a goal.

Alex Kicks Off

Conner waits patiently on the sideline during the game.

Happy Boy

And comes out to play at halftime.

Happy Conner

Most of the time the boys just swarm around the ball, but from time to time we make a plan. I love it when a plan comes together.

The Secret Plan

Too cool

This is my favorite picture of the batch. I don't get angry at these games because all my energy is going into making sure the kids have fun. Apparently I just make this face some times.

Angry Coach

Still, it makes me look like a bad ass coach which is kinda cool.

The full set of pics taken by my father is here on flickr.