Allison's Room Demolition

The latest in a string of home projects is renovating Allison's Room.   I was motivated to get it done because he has a brown carpet in her room that was so old it was disintegrating and giving off a bad plastic smell.

So we decided pull up the floors, paint the walls and of course give the windows my father's Craftsman window frame treatment as seen in the bathroom and dining room.

As I started pulling up the floors I realized that this is the sort of activity I often tell my boys to stop doing.  So I called Alex into the room, handed him a crow bar and stood back...

Video of Alex Pulling up Subfloor I

He made short work of the floor.


I'm starting to understand why sons were so desired in places manual labor is a way of life. They really are helpful.

Video of Alex Explaining The Job

I ended up doing most of the vacuuming until Allison decided she wanted to try.  I've never seen anyone enjoy demolition cleanup like she does.


Conner was sick when we were tearing up the room, but he did help me paint a few days later. More on that in a future post.

More pictures of the destruction are in our Allison's Room Demolition flickr set.