Conner's Birthday and School Visit

Conner's Self Named 'Thinking Face' I can hardly believe it. Conner is 4!

This year on Conner's birthday I spent the day at school with him. They have this thing called "Circle time" where they sit in a constantly moving shape that can only be described as not quite a circle.

At Conner's birthday circle time the kids were asked to name one thing for which they were thankful. As they went around the room there was a clear pet theme. Cats, dogs, snakes etc. Katie, a friend of our family, broke the cycle and did her family proud by saying she was thankful for Mom and Dad.

As we continued around the circle the kids got back to their pet theme and we heard about more cats and hamsters... Until we got to Conner. Conner, ever the pragmatist, was thankful for "The Bathroom." Man that kid is funny.  Nothing makes me laugh quite like Conner.

His favorite activity these days is building Lego space ships. We've been doing this a lot lately, and when we're not working on one together he's usually off creating a new ship complete with a story to explain its origins and future adventures.

Left to his own devices he can sit and do puzzles and build ships for an eternity; his face a mask of  concentration.  And when he plays with others his smile and enthusiasm are contagious.  He just seems to love life and in doing so he makes life more fun for me.

Here's a quick video montage of a few of Conner's adventures this year.

Video of Conner Year 4

* The picture above is what Conner calls his "Thinking Face."  I laugh every time he makes this face.