Conner's been on a roll lately. Here's some of his latest gems.

PC250029I walk in the door from work. All the kids are hiding behind the Christmas Tree. Normally no presents go under the tree till Christmas Eve.

Conner: [Stern Voice] Daddy, there's nothing under the tree for you!
Alex: Conner be quiet!!!
Me: There isn't?
Conner: No Nothing!
Conner: Can we open it and build it tonight?

PC260089Usually I'm the person that builds Legos with Conner because I really enjoy it. Conner and Christine are talking.

Conner: Mommy, last night Lydia (the babysitter) helped me build a lego ship.
Christine: yeah...
Conner: So girls can build legos!!! [sounding as if he caught her in a lie]
Christine: Of course girls can build Legos.
Conner: [very sweet voice] Mommy, can you help me build these legos?

Legos Part II
Conner built a bunch of Lego Tie Fighters one day. He was showing them to Christine and explaining why he added so many laser guns to them.

"Mommy look! They are fighting Yoda and Yoda's using the forest."

Guess the "Forest" is strong with him.

P7290068It snowed the other day. Some of the heaviest snow I've ever lifted. While I was at work a our driveway was plowed in. Christine went outside to shovel us out. After a few minutes Conner stuck his head out the door and said

"Mommy, can you stop digging in the snow and come play with me?"

Conner with Santa on Christmas Eve