The Ginger Bread House

This year Christine brought home one of those pre-fab ginger bread houses and whipped the kids up into a decorating frenzy.  We opened the box to discover that it wasn't completely pre-fab.

Ginger Bread Start

The icing/glue instructions were a little complicated and required adjustments for altitude and relative humidity.  You can make a pan of brownies with an egg and some water, but for some reason this ginger bread house icing required a mass spectrometer, a digital hydrometer and static free safe room. Needless to say we eyeballed it.

Ginger bread with lego supports

Pretty quickly we realized the roof panels were not going to stay up on their own so Alex and Conner built lego supports.


We feverishly added candy as the walls slowly came apart.


And just before bedtime... Thud.


I'm no expert, but I'm guessing the image on the box was photo-shopped.