My Winning Kiva Contest Video!

Click to see my Kiva and the loans that change lives video

Best if viewed full screen (click on the bottom right of the video).

Ok, so I haven't actually won yet, but I can with your help!

Above is the video I submitted into Kiva's contest on Tongal. The contest has 2 parts:
  1. Judges form Kiva pick their favorite video describing Kiva and how to make a loan
  2. Most unique views - this is where you can help!
The winner of part 2 is the video that gets viewed by the most people viewers. Tongal (the contest website) counts each time a new person watches the video.

So please click play and have a look.

If you like the video, share it with your friends and tell them to share it with their friends! You'll be doing me a favor and more importantly you'll be spreading the word about Kiva!

Update 1:45am: A few people have already asked me how I made the video. I did it with a combination of Prezi and a little iMovie magic. I'll post details on that in a few days. In the mean time, please share the video with your friends!

Update December 21, 2009 10:41pm: The first part of the contest has ended and I didn't win. Actually I didn't even place. I was mildly bummed out about this, but Alex was in the ER yesterday after a shoveling accident and I'm so happy that he's OK and  I've got a healthy family, it's hard to get too upset about the video contest.

The second part of the contest (most views) goes until January 31st 2010, but my guess is the winning videos will get so much press from Kiva it will be very hard to compete for most views.  In the end Kiva wins, and that is good.