Conner vs. The Lego AT-AT

For the last week Conner and I have been building a Star Wars Lego AT-AT. It's a lot like this one Christine and I stumbled on before we got married except smaller and with more pieces.

Christine and the AT-AT

Conner's focus was nothing short of amazing. He'd put in 2 hours at a time building the AT-AT as long as I worked with him. But even though I was there, he did most of the work.

We started by sorting all the pieces.


Alex helped out at the beginning by building one of the legs and a few side panels but this was really Conner's baby.


He worked on it every free moment. Most of the time that meant after I got home from work, but one morning, he was so excited he started building the head before I got out of bed.


Half way through I realized he wasn't really reading the instructions. He was simply looking at the last picture and figuring out how to recreate it.  We talked through one page of steps and now he reads through the instructions left to right and top to bottom when his "just figure it out" approach doesn't work. Man do kids learn fast!


Instructions or not, he seems to have a natural talent for figuring out puzzles.


One amazing thing about Conner is he never stops playing. Even with all the focus it took to build this set it was just a game to him. He played with almost every piece he built.

Video of Conner Testing the AT-AT

The completion of the AT-AT was a big surprise. I left the room for a few minutes to help Allison with something and when I returned Conner had finished it.

As I walked back into the room he said "Daddy, I think I'm done." And he was. The kid is amazing.

Needless to say I'm extremely proud of Conner. He's shown an amazing ability to focus, build and have a lot of fun. I had a blast working on this AT-AT with him and we both can't seem to wait to start another project.


Lego Kit information
Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-AT™
Item #: 10178
Ages: 14+
Pieces: 1137