Museum of Science with Alex

Alex and I went to the Boston Museum of Science on Saturday.

Video of Alex Racing the Lights

Right after the required running with the lights Alex took us over to the Butterfly Garden. 

Alex and the Butterflies

Did you know that some butterfly have wings that are toxic to birds? Apparently Alex does.  It's really weird when your kid tells you things you didn't already know.


Alex and I spent a while at the skull identification table.  The computer asked yes or no questions and using that program we figured out to which animal each skull belonged.

One of the main things we learned from the computer is that predators have eyes in the front of their heads and prey have eyes on the side.  I looked at Alex and asked him "Are we predators or prey?"

You could see the revelation in his eyes as he said "Predators."

The Charles from the Museum of Science

This was the view of the Charles as we walked across the bridge to the green wing.

Space Ice Cream

We stopped for the traditional Space Ice Cream. This year I mixed things up and had French Vanilla yogurt. Alex insisted I try his ice cream so I made him a deal that I'd try his if he tried the yogurt.  Following the taste test we shook off our respective looks of disgust and decided to stick with our original choices.

After Ice Cream we saw a live show called the Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show.  I highly recommend this show for anyone 6 and up.  These guys pack a lot of education in around some very impressive juggling.  We laughed a lot and as soon as it ended Alex yelled "That was the best show I ever saw!"

After 4 hours Alex and I were beat. We took the T back to Alewife and then went to Johnny Rockets for dinner.  It was a lot of fun spending the day alone with Alex.

Alex and the Earth

Just one more thing. Alex is a funny guy. The entire time he was standing in front of this Earth he kept saying EARF... EARF... in a funny voice. Right after I took the picture he said, "Get it? I'm an alien... EARF..."

You had to be there. But I guess that was the best part of the day. It was just me and Alex.

The full set of pictures from the day is in our Museum of Science Flickr set.