The Girl's Play Date

One of the things I like most about it being easy to snap a picture and mail it is I get to see really cool things about the kids I'd otherwise miss while I'm at work. Christine sent me these pictures of some of Allison playing with a bunch of her girl friends on a weekday. 


Allison sure knows how to rock the princess look.


Conner's Friend Abby discovered some of the boys Star Wars gear. I dare say she makes a pretty impressive storm trooper / jedi.

Winter Carnival at Nara - It hurt, but it was a lot of fun

Nara Winter Carnival Ice

Tonight was Acton's annual Winter Carnival at Nara Park. The boys and I spent most of the night running as fast as we could and seeing who could slide the furthest on the frozen pond. The sliding is a blast, but it's the part where you go from running to sliding that you feel later that night.

Video of Playing on the Ice

The boys also did a fair bit of ice wrestling. We took a break to watch the fire spinners perform, and then at 7 pm The Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society launched a bunch of rockets. One of them missed landing on Conner and me by about 10 feet.

Throughout the night Conner kept running into girls from school. Abby joined the boys in some ice wrestling.

Get Alex!

All in all we spent almost two hours sliding and crashing on the ice. We're all going to sleep well tonight.

The rest of the pictures from tonight are in the Winter Carnival at Nara Park flickr set.

Bar and Yale Tour in New Haven CT


This week I was on a business trip in CT. Thursday night some of the guys we were meeting took us out to a place called "Bar" in New Haven. We drank great micro brew beer and ate the most amazing thin crust pizza I've ever tasted.

Afterward they gave us a tour of Yale which is a profoundly beautiful place. The rest of the pictures from that night are in my Yale Tour flickr set.

All in all it was a pretty good night.