The Lemonade Stand

Two weeks ago I was about to recycle a box when Conner stopped me.

"Daddy! Don't break that box! I need it!"

He was very emphatic so I gave him the box and went in the back yard to continue some yard work.

I returned ten minutes later to discover that Conner had built a lemonade stand. He had convinced Christine to help him make the lemonade and a sign and and then he carried everything outside and set it up in our driveway.

His brother and sister soon joined him and they proceeded to sell me $1.50 worth of lemonade while aggressively sampling their own product.


I'm not sure where Conner got this idea, but they had a lot of fun. My little capitalists. I'll have to work on market timing with them. Note the snow still lingering behind them.

Video of Kids at the Lemonade Stand

More pics of the Kids Lemonade Stand are in this set on flickr.