How to Train You Dragon - Best Soundtrack in Years!

Screen shot 2010-05-25 at 9.33.11 PM On a rainy Saturday afternoon Alex, Conner and I went to see How to Train Your Dragon. It was Conner's first time at a theater. 30 minutes into the movie, without saying a word or taking his eyes off the screen, he climbed out of his seat and into my lap. There he stayed, content for the rest of the movie. Kids are funny like that. But I digress...

The movie was spectacular. It was funny, exciting, surprising and thoroughly entertaining for me and the kids. But the best part was the soundtrack.

My favorite movie scores are the ones that enhance the movie, but can also stand on their own as a piece of music that makes you want to listen.

John Powell nailed it with the soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon. It is simply the best movie score to be released in several years. Often soundtracks designed to support a movie are unable to stand on their own. The music works on screen, but when you listen to it without the movie it sounds like a lot of droning and disconnected themes.

And then there's John Powell's How to Train Your Dragon. This soundtrack is completely over the top, beautifully thematic and so dynamic that it conveys a story all on it's own. The soundtrack is simply brilliant.

Even while managing the most beautiful melodies it delivers excitement so great that you'll be ready to climb a mountain, fight off pirates (or more appropriately dragons), save the girl, have princess Leia put a metal on you, and then, as an encore, save the planet from a massive Alien Invasion. 

I'm listening to it now and I'm telling you, it just keeps getting better. Thank you John Powell for bringing back the fine art of movie soundtracks!

Putting My Birthday in Perspective

I was out of the office on my birthday, but my brother wasn't. This was on my whiteboard when I returned the next day. Well played Sir.


Like The Beatles Said. All You Need Is...


Flight of the Lego Bumble Bee

One morning last March, Conner told me he wanted to build a bumble bee he saw on a Lego poster in his room.  So we dumped out our bucket of loose Legos hunted for pieces, and came up with this beauty.

It was a lot of fun coming up with something from scratch.