Bike Week - Christine Tells Me To Man-Up

I've been working a lot lately. It had gotten to the point where I was eating like crap and not exercising at all. Every waking moment was jumping from one to-do to the next and I felt like crap.

It got me thinking that if I didn't change the way I was treating myself I was probably already late for my midlife crisis. So I decided to start biking to and from work. The theory was that two 30 minute bike rides a day was a huge improvement over my current exercise plan, pushing my foot down on my cars gas petal.

Since an exercise plan is only as good as your follow through, I set some ground rules.

  1. For 1 week I would bike to and from work every day.
  2. Absolutely no excuse.
  3. Let people know what I was doing, so they would harass me if I tried to stop.

So on Monday I started riding and posted what I was doing to twitter.

Goal - Commute only by bike this week to reduce stress, and get back in shape. This mornings trip 30:37, and I already feel great! #bikeweek

Timing my bike ride made me race against my existing times. It was fun, but I was getting pretty tired by Tuesday night, so I decided to look up and enjoy the view on Wednesday.

Turns out I have a really nice back-roads ride to work, where you discover stuff like this rock garden. What makes a person do that to rocks? Don't they know rocks can't get down on their own? It just seems cruel.

The Rock Garden on My Bike Ride

There are some hazards in riding to work such as bears and places where you need to pay attention to cars, but I didn't have any trouble. Smooth sailing all the way.

Dangerous Curve

As I expected, I considered wimping-out on Thursday. Fortunately a few people at work had been encouraging me to keep it up and, of course, Christine was there to set me straight.

Started coming up for excuses not to ride today (mild rain). Christine told me to man-up & get on my bike. Glad I did. Good ride. #bikeweek

And that was it. I rode the rest of the week. There was a little rain, but that actually made riding easier because it kept me cool.

The next week I was at a conference Monday through Thursday, but come Friday I was back on my bike. I'm hoping to make this a habit.

The Road to Work

More Pictures of my ride to and from work on my Flickr Bike set.