Allison Meets Gene Simmons, Alex Rocks Out & Conner Does Some Damage

After the Toothpick City, we spent the rest of the 4th of July weekend, in upstate NY, singing karaoke and playing Frisbee on the beach of Lake Ontario.   Fortunately the there are only pictures of the former, because the sunburn I earned at the beach was LEGEN... wait for it... DARY.

Christine and Allison kicked off their karaoke day with a great Mother/Daughter duet.

Christine And Allison

Allison was rocking the cute.

Allison Rocks the Cute

Alex got in on the action with some inflatable guitar work. He's a natural.

Alex Rocks the Inflatable Guitar

And after the 5th time she performed Allison got to meet Gene Simmons, one of the karaoke judges.

Allison meets Gene Simmons

I reprised my role as grille master.

Paul works the Grille

And Conner, not a fan of the singing, put on the hulk gloves and did some damage.

Conner Does Some Damage

All in all it was a great weekend. The full set of pictures is in our 4th of July flickr set.

For the record, the sunburn I earned on the beach was the result of such epically fun Frisbee playing & laying out into the waves that I couldn't bring myself to stop playing. Christine even reminded me to put on sunblock and I distinctly remember saying "Nah, I feel fine." I haven't made that mistake since I was a teenager. Damn that was some fun beach Frisbee.