Pics & Videos - Kids Climbing, Water Park, K.I.T.T. & Jameson

The past few weeks I've captured some fun things on my camera. First, the boys and I too a trip to the Boston Museum of Science and they climbed.

At the Boston Childrens Museum. The boys are having a blast climbing

Alex, Conner, John and I spent hours in this water park. As the boys say, It was re-donk-ulous! There are no pictures of us because we were having too much fun to stop and take them.

Best Water Park Ever!

Mark swung by MA and we stopped in at a car show and found the K.I.T.T (Knight Industries Two Thousand)! This was a childhood dream come to life. K.I.T.T even talks! Check out the video!

K.I.T.T. Front View

Inside K.I.T.T

K.I.T.T Rear View

And I stumbled on this bottle of Jameson Collection in upstate NY. I didn't get to try it, but it's officially on my "Things to do" list.

Jameson Collection