The Toothpick City in Syracuse NY is Amazing!

This weekend we went to the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse NY with the kids. There we saw the Toothpick City.

Toothpick City at MOST

Stan Munro, the guy pictured above, built an entire 1:164 scale city of famous temples and towers out of toothpicks.  We chatted a bit while he worked on one of the final Towers for the MOST. He's a really nice guy who is seriously into architecture and has a gift for working with toothpicks. The detail he produces is stunning!

Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Having all of those buildings right next to each gave such a sense of scale. I couldn't comprehend 1.5 million people pouring into the Grand Mosque, but toothpicks depicting it next to buildings I've seen put it in perspective. It's enormous even at 1:164 scale!

Grand Mosque

And there is just something about seeing the Seattle Space Needle in the background of St Patrick's Cathedral that makes the world seem smaller and a little bit happier.

St Patrick's Space Needle

More pics from that day are in my Toothpick City Flickr photo-set. There's lots more on Stan's website